Frequently Asked Questions


Is Coconut water good for you? 

Coconut water is good for you! It's high in potassium which balances the sodium in the body. It's good for weight loss in fact it contains viable enzymes to boot fat metabolism & help with digestion. 


Can one drink too much coconut water?

One to two servings a day of coconut water is harmless & recommended to ensure proper balance of electrolytes in the body. Exceeding this amount can be harmful because it can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body. 


Does coconut water have potassium in it? 

Coconut water contains about 660 milligrams of potassium in every single serving.


Does coconut water have electrolytes?

Coconut water is a great source of electrolytes especially B vitamins and, potassium & magnesium. 


Can you drink coconut water while pregnant?

Coconut water is great to drink while pregnant especially in the first trimester because it helps with dehydration as a result of morning sickness. 


Does coconut water have fat?

Coconut water has extremely low levels of fat. In fact 100 grams of coconut water contains about 0.20 grams of fat.